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Our Services


Pruning is an important part of tree maintenance. It is something you may not think of until dead or in-the-way limbs become a nuisance. Tree trimming takes more skill than you may have realized. It is necessary to know just how to trim a tree to avoid injury to both the tree and the trimmer. Our trained professionals have been serving the greater Houston area for many years, and are careful to trim any tree in a manner that will preserve and improve the health of your tree. At Bricks we are trained to work with safety in mind for them, the property owner and your property. Leaving no trace behind.

Tree Removal

We can remove any tree safely, quickly and price effectible. Trees that are in hard to cut places and impossible to get to, are our specialty. We provide crane trucks for difficult removals in addition we staff the best of tree climbers the tree care industry has to offer. If your property needs a tree cutting professional, give us a call and we will remove it quickly, safely and price effectible. Each job is unique in it own way and having a Bricks professional can help you decide on what trees to remove. Dangerous, dead, dying and diseased trees require experienced tree cutters so damage is prevented and safety is put first. Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with the service you need.

Lot Clearing

We can help with all your lot clearing projects. Our certified professionals are well qualified and equipped to help you choose and clear out any trees and stump and debris that you need gone. With the right equipment and know how, your lot clearing job will be done fast and on time. At Bricks we provide all the right land clearing equipment and safe procedures needed to get the job done. In other words we are a company you can consistently count on.

Stump Grinding

If your building new construction or replanting back then stump grinding is a must! At Bricks we provide top of the line stump grinding service. Getting it done properly, making sure to remove all leafs, branches and even the roots. Leaving it spotless and nothing behind. You will never know we were there.

Emergency Services

We offer a 24 Hour crew on staff to assist you with unexpected tree problems. Trees that fall on your home, shed, fence, sidewalk, driveway, roof, property, or automobile we can help. Emergency tree services are needed when strong winds, freezes, or storms come, an urgent tree service is essential. We understand it is a hard time so Bricks is here  to make it easier on you.